Reaching the Next Level.


Exigent is a dynamic group of teams that focus on critical commercial HVAC and mechanical services. Partner companies retain their unique cultures while joining an organization that empowers them to reach the next level of growth and expansion.


ACI is a leading mechanical service firm focused on installing and servicing commercial mechanical systems. In 2022, ACI joined Exigent and continues to improve its capabilities within the mechanical services market while maintaining a service-first, customer-centered approach.

I chose to partner with Exigent, because I trust them. I’ve known some of the senior people there for a very long time, and always found them honorable and trustworthy. This was important when it came to making decisions about the future of my business. The Exigent leadership’s strong reputation and track record of success gives me confidence that they will help me take my business to the next level.

Tim Kirlin
President, American Combustion Industries

JPG Plumbing & Mechanical Services, Inc.

JPG Plumbing & Mechanical Services provides commercial plumbing, industrial vacuum, and HVAC solutions in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. JPG offers 24/7 emergency, preventive maintenance, and inspection services with a goal of ensuring business continuity by keeping customer operations running smoothly without plumbing or mechanical issues.

After receiving many calls from various corporate buyers and PE partners, I was introduced to Exigent whose business model offered the best path for securing my future, meeting the needs of my growing company, and ensuring the long-term success of my employees. The transition to Exigent’s platform has allowed us to become part of a like-minded corporation focused on building a best-in-class service platform.

John Geiling
President, JPG Plumbing and Mechanical

ThermaServe Mechanical
Systems Services

ThermaServe is a Southeast based mechanical service provider focusing on large commercial, industrial and institutional buildings cooling systems service, repair and replacements. The company is known for providing exceptional levels of service and expertise for large and medium tonnage chillers as well as high quality services for all makes and types of commercial and industrial cooling equipment.

Joining Exigent allowed us to become part of a larger network of mechanical companies all focused on providing the top-tier service. Being able to collaborate with other companies and share insights with each other has made my business stronger. I am excited to continue to grow with Exigent while maintaining excellent service to our customers. I know we will become more successful as a combined businesses.
Scott Royer
President, ThermaServe Mechanical Systems

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